Imperial Spa
Signature Therapies


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This gently effective form of massage therapy is designed to drain the lymphatic system of excess toxins and thereby boost the immune system. The lymph vessels reside just below the skin and so are accessed through soft swift strokes to stimulate a response. Excellent for improving weight loss, fluid retention and puffiness around the lymph nodes using our Sufi Jaipur Oil with Grapefruit, Pettigrain and Juniper essential oils.
Duration 60 mins

Collagen Rejuvenation

Minimizing pores, reducing fine lines and overall skin smoothening, this rejuvenating facial creates an instant plumping using natural source of collagen
Duration 60 mins

4 Hand Abhyanga Massage

Benefit from the traditional style of this popular massage with the healing power of two therapists working in harmony to increase circulation and deepen relaxation.
Duration 60 mins

Tri-Dosha Facial

Ayurvedic skin care remedies are blended to treat specific skin conditions based on whether your skin has Kapha, Pitta or Vatta tendencies or is a combination. A unique, enjoyable and traditional approach to holistic skin care. Not advised for sensitive skin conditions.
Duration 60 mins

Gharshana Abhyanga

Following the Gharshana body scrub, receive an Abhyanga massage for 30 minutes to infuse your skin with therapeutic Ayurvedic oils and balance your circulation for wholesome results.
Duration 75 mins

IMPERIAL DEPTH ~ Our Signature Therapy

Be transported by our luxurious signature massage and experience the benefits of this all-embracing treatment that finds your hidden areas of stress and tension by integrating deep tissue techniques with subtle ‘Pranic Healing’. A perfect jet lag buster, harmonize your spirit with your integrated chakra alignment and find your resource of infinite energy. Customized to suit your preference for deep or light pressure, choose from our ‘In-depth Oils’ to uncover a divine state of deep relaxation and total welfare.
Duration 90 mins


Fitness Massage is a specialist and personalized area of ‘Remedial Massage Therapy’ where techniques are applied to effectively treat musculoskeletal aches and pains. Treatment also supports recovery from sports or repetitive strain injuries and occupational stress that has compromised your posture.

Benefits reduce symptoms of pain whether you are an athlete, fitness enthusiast or just in need of deep tissue therapy for release of chronic discomfort.
Duration 30 mins


Allow four hands to transform you with our signature synchronized massage designed to restore your vital energy and return your healthy self back! The ultimate release liberates both body and mind balancing right and left hemispheres of your brain. This unsurpassed stress-reliever calms you to the core renewing energy and inner vision.
Duration 75 mins