Imperial Spa

All New Sufi Collection

The Imperial Spa and Salon houses SUFI’s skin care range- its own brand of botanical and organic skin care including body cream, make-up removal, moisturizer, cleanser & other nourishing products. All the ingredients are ethically sourced and packed in recyclable airtight containers that are light weight- perfect for daily use or for travelling, available in 100ml packs and also in 50 ml packs for travel kits.
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Our signature Sufi Eau de Toilette combines a mystical bouquet of pure aromas blended to the highest specifications of perfumery. Top notes of subtly enticing pepper corns and sage, balanced by fresh middle notes of vetivert and cedarwood, nestled in the warm and exotic base notes of tonka beans, white musk and patchouli. This fragrance uplifts your mind and takes your heart on a journey home to feeling loved and at ease.


The Imperial Blends embrace the essence and restorative qualities of some of the world's most renowned flowers. Effectively blended with pure active botanicals include protective age defying resins, roots and cold pressed oils to maximize absorption into the skin’s surface.

All our massages are blessed with the vibrant energy of our healing 'Sufi' massage oils. Six pure cold pressed oil blends such as the indulgent Mahadeva with Damascus Rose and Mysore Sandalwood or Kabir with spiritually uplifting Frankincense and exotic Neroli Blossom and essential oils, you will be assured of resting in a state of divine consciousness.