The Royal Ballroom

THE ROYAL BALLROOM ~ Special Occassions & Events.

For seven decades, The Imperial’s beautiful Ballroom has hosted New Delhi’s most notable corporate, social, cultural and civic events attended by distinguished visitors from all over the world. The Royal Ballroom, spread in the area of 3000 sq. feet with a wooden spring floor, is probably the only authentic ballroom remaining in India, evoking the splendour of the era of Lords and Ladies bowing and curtseying, before they swirled across the floor to the strains of waltz. The vast Ballroom, today, serves as a venue for conferences and theme parties for discerning guests and seats upto 500 people.
This is where the distinguished guests amused themselves when the Hotel was opened in 1931 and this is the room where the first grand Ball was held in the presence of Lord Willingdon.