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Find attached the 2014 Voting Button & Steps to activate this button on your auto-signature & official website.

Please note that we send this button to be activated in time for the opening of the official 2014 Voting poll in June 2014. This button will create awareness for the property to gain votes & feedback during this period.

Opening of the voting poll: 09 June 2014
Closing of the voting poll: 28 July 2014

Please be reminded that the World Luxury Hotel Awards™ nominees are entitled to publicise their nominations and encourage voting throughout the voting period.

Interim results to be communicated to winners on the 11 August 2014 An official list of results will only be displayed online following the 2014 Gala ceremony.

1.1 Implementation of voting button and voting link

Please be informed that the official ‘voting button’ should be utilized as far as possible in order to maximize exposure in order to attract votes. Please kindly ensure that the voting button is inserted in all email signatures, email marketing campaigns, newsletters and more for the duration of the voting period. Once the voting period close the ‘voting button’ will no longer be active.

1.2 Who can vote

Voting is cast by guests and industry experts.

The final outcome will be based upon votes per category on a country, continent and global basis.

1.3 Voting Criteria

Criteria for voting will be based on exceptional service only.

The process will be fair and no other areas will be taken into consideration.


In order to encourage awareness and votes amongst your guests and travel partners please use the 2014 Voting Template for Hotel Emailer Campaign, personalized with your company logo and send out prior to and during annual voting period. Instructions to implement and use the Voting Emailer Campaign is attached. (Instructions to personalize – attached) Please ensure that the email marketing campaign is executed from your side during the voting period to encourage votes also amongst your own hotel clients. The idea is that the hotel involve its guests as far as possible to submit their positive feedback further to their service experience.